January Wrap Up

So, that’s a wrap on January! We survived the first month of 2021.

What I’ve been posting:

What I’ve been watching:

  • Bridgerton – Sorry I am that basic! Along with almost everyone else in the entire world I started this month by binge watching Bridgerton on Netflix (with my Mum) and we both absolutely loved it! It was the perfect escapism that we needed and was just such a delight to watch, with stunning costumes, beautiful scenery and a fabulous cast. We laughed and swooned in equal measure!
  • High Seas – This Spanish language show on Netflix was part of my pledge to recommit to language learning in the new year after a break for Christmas. Picked on a bit of a whim, this show is great! I’ve yet to finish the first series but it’s essentially a 1950s murder mystery esque show set on a boat!
  • The Bourne series – They’re a classic for a reason! In my family we often find it hard to agree on a film everyone wants to watch so this series has been such a good shout! Action that’s clever with a good mix of European city hopping mixed in! We skipped the random one with Jeremy Renner but other than that, very much enjoyed the series!
  • Vera – This detective show set in Newcastle and the North East of England is a must watch for any Geordie worth their salt! If you can manage to ignore the sheer number of times Vera says love, you can enjoy some clever murders, entertaining characters and beautiful shots of the North East.
  • Into the Night – This Belgian series on Netflix is only six episodes so I binge watched in only two days but I’d definitely recommend it! Whether you speak French or not, this series is exciting and dramatic (as long as you’re capable of suspending disbelief) and has a great cast of characters of people from all over the world, brought together by disaster.

What I’ve been listening to:

Bit of a random mix of both songs and albums and of new and old but here are some of the tunes I’ve been dancing along to in my bedroom over the past month.

  • Evermore – Taylor Swift
  • Achilles Heel – J Maya
  • Drivers license – Olivia Rodrigo
  • Six the musical soundtrack
  • Ocean Eyes – Billie Eilish
  • Maniac – Conan Gray
  • Ever After album – Marianas Trench

What I’ve been doing:

  • Because I’m basic like that I’ve very much enjoying some more lockdown baking – the classic banana bread as well as the absolutely delicious NYC cookies from Jane’s Patisserie.
  • I’ve also been rereading the Percy Jackson series that I read as a child which has been so much fun and really good escapism as we struggle through this third lockdown here in the UK.
  • Really getting into my bujo – as my first post of the year indicated! I’ve been loving spending some time at the start and end of each day on my bullet journal.

So how was your January? What have you been to? What’s the best thing you watched or listened to?


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