My 2021 Bujo

This is my third year using a bujo and I absolutely love setting it up every year! I’m really not very artistic but I do really enjoy bullet journaling because it’s a perfect combo of being organised and being creative. If you want to check out my bujo set up for 2020, you can find that here!

This is the bujo I chose for this year. It’s just from Amazon but it came in this fancy black box with golden writing from Scribble and Dot. It made it feel super sophisticated but yet it only cost me about £14. Previously I’ve had Leuchtturm 1917 in the colour emerald but I decided to mix it up this year and try something new.

In terms of pens I used black Uni-ball pin fine line drawing pens and white Sakura gelly roll pens and the coloured STA Aquarelle Brush pens.

This is my intro page for 2021. It’s not currently very exciting but I might add to it as the days and months go out if I have any great inspiration.

Future log

This page doesn’t exactly need much explanation and you can clearly see I’ve kept it quite simple. This is my future log where I’ve got the twelve months of the year 2021 and I can note down any key events happening each month. Currently it’s empty as I don’t have any plans but hopefully that will change soon! Style wise, I’ve kept it in blank and white and just written the name of the months in cursive on the top and then detailed the calendars below. I did take the opportunity to use my new white gel pens on some of the months because I’m very proud of them and love the way they look.

Books read and films watched trackers

These two are both pretty obvious from the title. They’re for tracking the books I read and the films I watch in the next year. The book tracker is in the style of bookshelves, where I can write the title of each book I read on a little book on the shelf. The film tracker is old film reel where there’s space to write each film I watch and the number of stars I gave it (providing the titles aren’t too long!) I’m proud of the way these two spread turned out – especially the film tracker, once again using my new white gel pens for the little details on the reels.

Year in Pixels and Places visited tracker

The next tracker is the year in pixels which I’m determined to finally fully complete this year. It’s such a fun way to get a brief overview of the whole year and the predominant emotion of each day for all of 2021.

We also have the place visited tracker which isn’t much to look at currently but hopefully will be full of all the adventures I get up to in 2021. One of the things I learnt from 2020 is to count the little adventures as well as the big ones – noting down the new restaurants and parks as well as the cities and countries.

Next up I have my tv show tracker so I can keep track of the shows I’m currently watching or shows I’m planning on watching this year. Got a few in at the moment with space to add some more as the year progresses.

I also set up January in my bujo – starting off with this cover page that I’m pretty proud of to be honest. I got the idea off Pinterest and then adapted it to fit my needs.

Then I set up my usual monthly trackers – a monthly overview, a gratitude tracker, a habit and mood tracker, steps tracker and sleep tracker. They’re not particularly exciting but they’re using the same evergreen colours and theme I used on the cover page. I’ve also decided to add a January goals page – split into four categories as yet undecided (feel free to give me suggestions!) rather than trying to focus on goals for the whole year. This year is going to involve a lot of different situations since I’ll hopefully be finishing up my year abroad in two different countries as well as starting my fourth year of uni, so I figured goals by month might be more helpful!

So that’s my bullet journal for 2021! Hope you enjoyed getting a glimpse into how I’ve designed it.

Do you have a bullet journal?

What’s your favourite page of mine?


  1. Love this! I’ve just started my first bujo this year so im keeping it very simple and just using it for tracking blog related bits. I love the book/film and TV show trackers in yours, such a fab idea!x

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  2. Amazing post! Your bullet journal looks so nice and the design is great! I want to start a bullet journal this year so thank you for sharing this and giving me some inspiration! Also, the TV show tracker is so cool!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This looks so fun! I always say I want to start bujo but I haven’t yet. 2021 may be the year I finally do it! Your January cover page is absolutely stunning! Can’t wait to see more xo

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I love the layout of your bullet journal! The pages dedicated to books you read and movies/shows you watched is such a good idea too! Thanks for sharing, I hope you have a happy new year! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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