TV shows you should be streaming

I know I’m nominally a travel blogger but at the moment, nobody is travelling! Instead I’m mainly watching a lot of TV – so I thought I’d share some of the shows I’ve been loving recently. Some of these are big names but I’m trying to showcase some of the less well known shows I love to hopefully give you guys some great ideas!


I’m a sucker for a time travel show and a show where a group of random individuals are brought together to form a team and become friends. This show perfectly combines both tropes! Basically a historian, a computer geek and a soldier are tasked with taking down a time travelling terrorist. This show gives you some great insights into history – especially American history as someone who’s not from the US (I’d never heard of either the Hindenburg or the Battle of the Alamo before this). But on top of that, it’s funny and sweet and clever. The relationships formed are great to watch and I love the idea of fighting terrorism through time.

Netflix / Two series


Another time travel show – however with a completely vibe. This story of starcrossed lovers is based off the series of books by Diana Gabaldon. Predominantly set in the beautiful Scotland, it tells the story of Claire, a nurse from 1945 who finds herself back in 1743 and in the arms of a Scot called Jamie. Whilst it’s a bit gory and graphic at times for me, this story will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout. I loved learning about Scottish history and the whole time travel business is done so well. Whilst it’s primarily a romance, there’s something for everyone with some epic sword fights and plenty of drama.

Amazon Prime / Five series


I did mention I love TV when a group of random individuals are brought together to form a team and become friends. This is same trope but this time a journalist, a veterinary pathologist, a French intelligence agent, a zoologist and a safari guide join forces to investigate the strange pandemic of violent animal attacks upon humans all over the world. It’s such a unique concept that I think is really well done. I must say I do think it goes downhill as the series go on but I definitely recommend series 1 and 2.

Netflix / Three series

Alex Rider

Alex Rider is a new series on Amazon Prime and its only eight episodes long but I’d definitely recomend it! It’s based on the book series but it’s a slightly darker and grittier take, with the hopes of winning over both children and adults alike. Since most of Alex Rider’s original readers have long since grown up, Sony are hoping to pitch this series at slightly older audience and win them back. In my opinion, it does all that more! It’s a great first introduction to Alex Rider for those with no prior experience and it also entices back previous readers and makes them think about rereading all the books!

Amazon Prime / One series


I’ve loved this show for a long time now – a modern day Robin Hood retelling based off the comics. The characters are great, the romances adorable and the drama never ending. If you want just one reason why to watch this show then the answer is simple – Felicity Smoak. She might be my all time favourite TV character – she’s just so hilarious and wonderful. Whether you’re a fan of the comics or not, this is a great show.

Amazon Prime / Eight series (five series available)

The Last Ship

The Last Ship tells the story of a ship hunting for a cure in an apocalyptic plague. Whilst a series about a plague might not be your cup of tea at the moment and probably doesn’t qualify as a escapist TV show, when I watched it a few years ago I really enjoyed. Obviously it doesn’t make for cheery watching but it’s clever and interesting and really keeps you tense.

Amazon Prime / Five series

The Society

Sadly there’s only one series of The Society but another one is coming soon and I’m hyped! When a group of teens return from a school trip to find all the adults gone, we all know drama is bound to happen. Whilst not the most original idea, it’s very well executed and I can’t wait for the next series- there were so many cliffhangers and so many answers I need!

Netflix / One series

Sex Education

This series took the world by storm recently so I’m sure you’ve already heard all about it. But I just want to add my recommendation to all those you’ve already seen. This series is funny and real and tackles so many issues that are so often ignored in TV. It tells the story of Otis, an awkward teenage boy who uses the fact his mum is sex therapist to his advantage at school.

Netflix / Two series

Have you watched any of these shows?

Which one do you fancy watching now?

What shows are you loving at the moment?


  1. So many good shows on here! I love Zoo, Arrow, The Society and The Last Ship and I’ve been watching them recently. I haven’t watched the others though so I’ll have to check them out.


  2. I’ve read the first book Outlander and a few Alex Rider but not watched the shows. I’ll need to check out Timeless. Thanks for the recommendations!


  3. Ahh I love Arrow! Or, I did, the last seasons lost it a bit for me at the end but still adored that show. Timeless sounds amazing and I might have just squealed over the Alex Rider one – hadn’t heard about that but it sounds right up my street.


  4. I haven’t seen any of these but I’ve heard good things about them 🙂 will have to check them out


  5. I absolutely loved both seasons of Sex Education, such a good show! I haven’t seen any of the others, I need to check a couple out. Timeless sounds like something I’d really enjoy! x



  6. I haven’t actually watched any of these, except a couple of episodes of Arrow over the years. But Sex Education looks great! I’ve seen the trailer on Netflix and would love to start it.


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