The Trips I’ll be Going on when I can

Obviously nobody is travelling at the moment and nobody will be travelling for a while. But that doesn’t mean we can’t dream! So I thought I’d share with you guys some of the trips I’m planing on taking when it is safe and sensible to do so!

First off, I’m really keen to go to Serbia! I was supposed to be going on a trip with a group from my uni at Easter but this was cancelled due to current circumstances. I still really want to visit Serbia as I’ve spent the last year picking up Serbian as a beginners language as part of languages degree. Having been learning the rest of my languages for at least six years, it was really fun to pick up a new one! I’d love to go to Serbia to experience some of the culture I’ve been learning about and really cement what I’ve learnt so far! It’d be great to practice my speaking with real live Serbians and learn some of that everyday vocab you don’t learn in the classroom.

The stunning view from Petrovaradin Fortress, looking over Novi Sad, from The Barefoot Backpacker

I was originally going to be going to Novi Sad but I’m also keen to visit both Belgrade and Niš! Just in general Serbia looks like a beautiful country that is probably forgotten by most Western travellers. Serbia has a rich and fascinating history and culture – having been part of the Ottoman Empire, Austria – Hungary and Yugoslavia over the years.

Fun fact for you all – while I say I’ve been learning Serbian – I’ve essentially been learning Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian and Montenegrin. These four languages are pretty much the same – with only slight variations in pronunciation and vocabulary. However whilst the language is linguistically termed Serbo-Croatian, speakers in each of the four countries will clearly tell you they are different languages. One of things that makes Serbian stand out is it can be written using both the Latin and Cyrillic alphabet – a nod to Serbian’s religious heritage.

The Main Church in Novi Sad – from the Barefoot Backpacker

The next place I’ll be visiting when it’s possible is Barcelona! My Mum and I have been talking about taking a girls trip there for absolutely ages but never gotten round it! Being stuck in the house for so long has made me excited to travel to all the places I’ve dreamed of! So I’m definitely moving this trip up my bucket list and I know my Mum is too!

Just look at how stunning this city is! Photo from Karina at

Technically I have been to Barcelona before but that was on a four day long school trip when I was in year 8. I don’t know if you ever went on a school trip at that sort of age but whilst it was a great experience there was very little freedom or chance to choose what you wanted to see. It was enough for me to fall in love with the beautiful city of Barcelona but not enough to satisfy my traveller’s appetite. My Mum on the other hand, has never been to Barcelona but has always wanted to go, so we made the plan to go and explore together!

And in an unsurprising turn of events, it’s stunning at night too! Photo from Karina at

There’s just so much to see and do in Barcelona – Gaudi’s city! I’d love to see the Sagrada Familia again – since they’re still building it so it’s gotta look different to last time. I’d also look to spend more time exploring Parc Guell and wandering down Las Ramblas.

I low key regret having to spend a day on a tour of Camp Nou as part of the school trip due to an absolute lack of interest in football. Unsurprisingly I won’t be returning there but I am excited to see some of things I didn’t get a chance to visit the first time round.

I’m also excited to go on my first foreign trip just me and Mum. We’ve been on a couple of little weekends away in the UK together but we’ve never been abroad just the two of us. It would be such a fun way for the two of us to hang and spend some time together whilst getting out there, exploring the world and going somewhere we’ve both wanted to go for ages.

The third place I’ll be travelling when it is possible is Colombia! I don’t quite know how but recently I’ve ended up watching a lot of vlogs and TV and reading a lot of blogs and guide books about Colombia! Everything I’ve read and seen has just made me so keen to visit Colombia. I think it all started with watching The Backpacking Bananas Colombia vlogs and the latest series of the BBC’s Race Across the World. Since that I’ve been watching and reading so much about Colombia and everything I’ve discovered has just made me more excited to go at some point in the future.

Photo of a beautiful view of Medellin from Kristina at

There’s so much to see in Colombia that I feel like I could backpack there for months! The photos I’ve included are of Medellin, which looks beautiful! It used to be considered one of the most dangerous cities in the world but it has changed so much in the last 10-20 years, making it a tourist hotspot in Colombia! It’s also only a day trip away from Guatapé, which is a beautifully colourful city near a lake, with lots to see and do!

Another stunning shot of Medellin from Kristina

I’d also love to visit Bogota – Colombia’s incredibly high capital city! It looks so much fun to explore and has a lookout point that gives you an amazing view of the city – one of my favourite things to do in a new city. Another place I’d love to visit is Tayrona National Park – slightly different to the cities I’ve mentioned so far – but a great spot for exploring nature and doing some snorkelling and chilling on the beach. Finally I’d love to visit Cartagena – on Colombia’s Caribbean coast, which has beautiful beaches, colonial architecture and a very walkable Old Town!

So those are the three places at the top of my bucket list and that I hope to be travelling to when it is both safe and sensible to do so!

I’d like to end by thanking all the amazing people who let me use their photos in this blog! You can find out more about them here:

  • First off, we had the beautiful photos of Novi Sad from Ian at the Barefoot Backpacker. You can check his blog out here.
  • Then we had stunning photos of Barcelona from Karina at Karina keeps escaping. You can check out her blog here.
  • We also had beautiful photos of Barcelona from Fizz at On the Fly. You can check her blog out here.
  • Finally we had the amazing views of Medellin from Kristina from The Living Wonderfilled Studio. You can check out her blog here.

So where’s on your bucket list? Where’s the first place you hope to be travelling to when it is safe to do so?


  1. All of these places are on my list but Colombia is at the very top! There are so many stunning views and things to do there! I hope you make it to some of these places soon and can’t wait to read about your time there!


  2. Great list. I live in Barcelona now and it’s definitely a must city to visit! As long as I can travel anywhere, even going to the countryside I’ll be happy haha.

    Nice post! x

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Barcelona is my favourite city! I’ve been there twice and I’d definitely go back when I get the chance! I really want to go to Budapest, Austria, Belgium and Japan once it’s safe to travel again!


  4. Great choices with a lot of culture and aura within those places. A bit savage towards Camp Nou though 🤣 I didn’t know the Croatian, Bosnian and Serbian languages were all quite similar. But yeah like you I can’t wait for this lockdown to lift and for international travel to be safe again!

    Johnny | Johnny’s Traventures

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  5. You’ll love Belgrade! We travelled throughout Montenegro last year and then took the 11-hour train ride up to Belgrade – a fantastic experience. I wrote about it on my blog. You’ll do better than me with the language though! Never got much further than ‘hvala’…

    Liked by 1 person

  6. That’s so cool you’re learning Serbian! All of these places are on my list too.

    I recently posted the itinerary I was supposed to be following now in southeast Asia. So many of is have had our travel plans disrupted – hopefully we can start to travel again soon!


  7. Colombia looks amazing! I didn’t have any interest in visiting until the past few years. Also I was really surprised by Belgrade – it’s a lovely city! Hope you get to go. I learned some little tidbits about Serbian/Bosnian/Croatian being virtually the same language, but I didn’t realise Serbian could be written in both alphabets, that’s really cool!

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  8. My wanderlust is itching just reading this post. I’ve never been to any of those places yet so I’m eager to go. Especially Barcelona, I’ve been dying to go there for years. Fingers crossed that post pandemic il finally get to go.

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  9. A really enjoyable read. Barcelona is an amazing, friendly city. Loads of places to explore. I have friends who’ve been to Colombia and they adored it.
    When all this is done we’ll be visiting a new city in Germany, although we haven’t settled on one yet, having been to Berlin and Munich in the last couple of years.
    Then in the distant future, Japan beckons!


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