How to go on a cheap holiday as a student

So, in an exciting turn of events, I am currently planning a city break for the Easter hols,with one of my friends! She’s a student like me so we’re both on a bit of budget, meaning we need to make the most of our money whilst still having a fabulous time! These are some of the things we’re considering as we’re planning our trip!

Think about what you want but don’t be too picky

Obviously it’s good to have an idea of what sort of thing you want because there’s absolutely no point on going on a holiday you’re going to hate even it is the cheapest holiday ever. There might be a particular area, or country or temperature you’re looking for, which is totally cool but don’t limit yourself to just one city if you’re looking for a bargain. On Skyscanner you can search flights to anywhere, which is a great way of finding some cheap locations you might never have even thought of! Especially if you’re like me and can only really name Amsterdam in the Netherlands or Vienna in Austria! This is a great way to find some hidden gems that might be just as lovely or even better than the capital cities at a fraction of the price.

Make the most of those gloriously long uni holidays (go not in peak times, search online in whole months)

One of the best things about being a uni student is the holidays you get! I only have about 31 weeks of term time a year, which means (if I can do my maths right) that’s 21 weeks a year you could have a holiday in! Obviously some of those times are going to be significantly cheaper than others. For example most school students get two weeks at Easter whereas I get a whole month meaning there are more than a couple of off peak times I can book a holiday for. The other advantage of having more holidays is that on Skyscanner or other flight search engines you can often search for flights for a whole month at once, allowing you to see which specific days are cheaper to fly on.

Be flexible

Another great way to keep your holiday a bargain is to be flexible, especially with your travel plans. Be willing to fly from other airports, rather than just your local one. Sometimes it can be cheaper to get a train to a more popular airport than to fly from your local one! (As well as giving you more options). For example I usually fly from Manchester rather than my local airport Newcastle because it gives you a greater range of choices.

Other strong options depending on where you live is either the Eurostar or the ferry. You can get some great deals on the Eurostar so if you live down south it could be a really great option. If you live near a ferry port, the ferry is another great option, especially when you can get an overnight ferry and combine two nights of accommodation with your transport.

Go with some of your friends (makes stuff cheaper eg AirBnBs, same budget as you, helping you be money savvy)

Going with friends is not only good fun but can make things cheaper as you can split the cost of things. For example when you split an AirBnB with friends it can often ending up being cheaper than a hostel and it means you get the space entirely to yourself. If you want to book your first AirBnB use this link here to get £34 off your first stay, whilst helping me earn some AirBnB credits for my next trip too! Now that’s what I call a win win!

Another great advantage of travelling with uni friends is that you probably all have the same low budget (unless someone’s sold a kidney recently). This means you can help each other stick to your budgets with some tasty yet cheap pasta meals in your accommodation.

Take your student card with you

Another bonus about being a student is the eternally coveted student card – the key to some brilliant bargains! Lots of museums and tourist attractions will offer a student ticket, which is sometimes up to half the price of a usual ticket, on the proviso you can prove your student status with your student ID. Also sometimes you don’t have to pay city tax in hostels if you’re a student so all round a very handy item to be bringing with you on your hols!

Plan and budget beforehand (big ticket items, eating plans etc)

So when you’re going away, obviously you’re going to be spending money while you’re there and there will be some big ticket items no doubt! That’s totally fine and doesn’t mean you’ll ruin the budget of your whole trip, so long as you plan it in advance! For example you might want to go on a night out, have a fancy meal or enjoy an expensive activity. Whilst we were interrailing this looked like a birthday meal out, a day in the baths in Budapest and paddleboarding at Lake Bled. Being aware that we wanted to spend that, meant we could budget the rest of trip accordingly and these big expenses didn’t take us by surprise.


  1. This is such great advice! As a student, I would travel in mid-May. during school term time (UK) yet I had finished my undergraduate exams. Or during the long Christmas break, we would have I was also really flexible, not only regarding the dates but also where I went. Great post full of useful info! xxx


  2. It is great that there are options to still travel when you’re a student. The cost goes down when you can split a room with others! Not going to lie, I still bring my student card with me even though I graduated ages ago. Thanks for sharing!

    Nancy ♥


  3. Super helpful post! I wish I had this available when I planned my first ever student trip with 3 other friends! Thanks for sharing x

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Gosh, this makes me miss being a student so much! I love to travel but find it so hard to do it on a budget, especially now that I don’t have any student cards. Love the idea of not being too picky though, and searching anywhere on skyscanner!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I loved my student card, so many great discounts! Your tips are great, it’s really worth it to shop around for different dates, as flights are much cheaper at certain times than others. The long vacation is one of the great advantages of being a student.


  6. I used to love my student card, so many great discounts. Great ideas here, it’s really worth it to check out different dates when looking for flights, as some are much cheaper than others. The long vacation is the great advantage of being a student!


  7. If only I knew all of this when I was at Uni and that I was confident enough to go travelling. No big regrets here cos as an avid traveller I now know all of this! But reading this post makes me think even more that the best time to go travelling is probably when you’re a student (free time, student discounts, student loans etc.)

    Johnny | Johnny’s Traventures


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