My 2020 Bujo

My 2020 Cover Page

After a few semi successful previous attempts I decided to commit to a bullet journal or bujo for 2020.

Excitingly I got some brand new pens for Christmas – STA Aquarelle Brush pens as well as recently buying myself some black Stationery Island fine liners so they’re my main supplies as well as an A5 dotted Stationery Island notebook.

My Grid Spacing cheat sheet and Year in Pixels spread

So the first pages in my bullet journal are a grid spacing cheat sheet and a year in pixels spread. (This is after my index but that’s not super interesting or worthy of a photograph to be honest) The grid spacing cheat sheet is a steal from Amanda Rach Lee’s bujo set and I’m hoping will help me with all my spreads to come in the rest of 2020.

On the other side of this page I have my year in pixels which will basically just give me an overview of how I’ve been feeling over the entirety of the year! (Provided I remember to fill it out every day)

My Yearly Overview spread

The next pages of my bujo are my yearly overview which is basically where I can put in future events. At this point I’ve only put a couple of dates in January but I’ll soon be filling it all out with my key dates for the year

Books Read and Films Watched Spreads

The next two are my books read and films watched spreads where it’s all kind of in the name. I’m aiming to read more this year and watch more new to me films as well as more films in the cinema. As you can see I’ve already watched my first film of the year – Spider-Man: Far From Home, which I very much enjoyed!

Savings tracker and Bible books tracker

My next two pages are my savings tracker and Bible books tracker. My savings tracker is a little empty at the moment – it’s currently only got my Help to Buy ISA on there but I need to add my savings for my year abroad tracker as well.

The Bible books tracker is just for me to keep track of the books of the Bible I’ve read recently and where I’ve read them. It continues onto the next page (as seen below) as rudely there are just a few too many books in the Bible for one page.

Bible books tracker continued and Places I visited page

As I said my Bible books page continues on, along with a Bible verse I’ve lettered (one of my faves!) and a key for the different areas I might have read the Bible in.

The following page isn’t currently looking very exciting and I’m not especially pleased with the heading but it’s where I’m going to be keeping track of all the places I visit this year!

TV Shows Tracker

Then I have my TV shows tracker where I can keep track of where I’ve watched up to in all my fave shows. I need to finish filling this out and complete the shows I’ve already put in but just wanted to show you guys how I use it. It’s very handy if you’re not sure what episode you’re up to when you pick up an old show again!

Goals page and January cover page

Next I have my goals page, which I photographed before I filled it out with my goals for this year and my cover page for January. I decided to keep it simple and go for a stars theme!

January Overview and Habit Tracker

The last couple of pages I’ve got to show you guys are my January overview page where I can put in events and key dates for the month and my habit tracker. I’ve obviously continued with the star theme but still kept things fairly simple. I have two other pages – a sleep tracker and a gratitude tracker and that finishes off my January overview pages.

And there we have it! That’s my bullet journal for 2020! I hope you enjoyed this sneak peek!

Have you got a bullet journal?

How are you keeping organised for 2020?

What’s your favourite page?


  1. This looks incredible – I find posts like this and BuJo pics so satisfying! I decided not to keep a bullet journal in full this year after having one for the last two years but I think I’ll still note random things in my old one when I fancy it! ♥️

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow, what a beautiful job you’ve done on your bullet journal! I love the idea of the year in pixels; that would be so interesting to look over at the end of the year.
    I don’t understand what the grid cheat sheet is (I’m not too familiar with bullet journaling).

    Well I hope this helps you to achieve your goals and have a productive 2020!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I do not have a bullet journal, but I love looking at the pretty spreads others create. My notebooks end up filled with creative writing and doodles. 🙂
    I love your movies watched popcorn page! The red and white looks so pretty.


  4. […] This is my third year using a bujo and I absolutely love setting it up every year! I’m really not very artistic but I do really enjoy bullet journaling because it’s a perfect combo of being organised and being creative. If you want to check out my bujo set up for 2020, you can find that here! […]


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