5 Things to do in Prague

1. Have a wander around the largest ancient castle in the world

This castle is certifiably that largest castle complex in the world and so the perfect place to spend a day with plenty to see and explore. If you’re interested to discover a obscure bit of history – google the defenestrations of Prague.

2. Climb the astronomical clock tower for a great view of the city!

Whilst this clock is stunning in a picture, it’s especially enjoyable on the hour when the clock chimes and you get to see it move! Admittedly there’s quite a crowd to watch a clock but it’s worth seeing it at once when you’re in Prague.

3. Enjoy the local delicacy of the chimney cake

You can’t possibly go to Prague without trying a chimney cake! They’re absolutely delicious and the shops selling them can be found round every corner in Prague.

4. Take a boat tour for a different view of the city

Travelling on the river gives you a great view of the famous Charles Bridge that Prague is famous for!

5. Wander the streets of the beautiful old town.

You never know what you might discover – for example the incredibly funky John Lennon wall! A great chance to take some stylish photos and leave your mark on Prague!


  1. I love this; I spent 4 months in Uni in Prague last year, and I get so nostalgic when reading these posts. Great choices of things to do; the boat trip is one of the best and most loveliest things ever to do!!


  2. I am a lover of clocks. Not the modern ones but rather watches with roman numerals and that old air about them that speaks of gentlemen and ladies’ slippers.

    In other words, if I end up in Prague, I will be going to see the clocks! And eat a chimney cake along the way . . .


  3. What an unbelievably beautiful city! I have never been but seen so many pictures and it is on the top of my list in Europe. I love the clock tower picture you took. So pretty!


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