The Best Things I ate whilst Interrailing

Austrian sour cherry strudel!

This was recommended to me by a family friend who lived in Budapest for a while and it did not disappoint! I’m not actually a massive fan of cherries but I felt I had to try this traditional pastry. This slice I tried for lunch one day wasn’t as sour as I expected but was a super tasty treat!

This delicious breakfast in Bratislava

When you’re interrailing and taking night trains or staying in hostels sometimes you gotta spend the extra penny and have some tasty breakfast! It’s the best way to start a busy day of sightseeing!

Homemade pasta in our AirBnB in Prague

One of the great advantages of staying in an AirBnB is you can cook for yourself! One night I cooked this pasta for our group – a really simple meal! It only had 4 ingredients – pasta, a tomato sauce, ham and Parmesan cheese!

A Chimney Cake in Prague

These are an absolute classic for a tourist in Prague! You can get them in stores all over the city, with ice cream or fruit or cream in them! Mine has strawberries in melted chocolate topped in ice cream and made a delicious lunch!

Cake from the New York Cafe in Budapest

The New York Cafe is probably the fanciest cafe I’ve ever been in and it serves up some pretty tasty cakes! It may be on the expensive side but it’s worth it just for the experience! (And you can always do what we did and share cake, making it half the price!)


  1. Oh my, that chimney cake is calling my name!! Aswell as the strudel. I absolutely love trying foods that are specific to visiting places. I’d love to interrail one day too 🙂
    Alice Xx


  2. Ahhhh I shouldn’t have read this while hungry! These all look so good, one of my favourite parts of travelling is the food! I had a chimney cake in Budapest and it was so lovely 😍 but I couldn’t finish it!

    Jas xx


  3. Chimney cake! Wow. I am suddenly starving. I am sure I would tell myself I could eat it all, but I WOULD need help. Nothing like sharing that with a close friend. 🙂


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